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Ground Navigator Gold Detector The Latest 3D Imaging Technology
3D Ground Navigator Is A Modern 3D Ground Scanner And Metal Detector That Has Been Manufactured Exclusively By OKM Metal Detectors From Germany. The Detector Has Been Developed According To Our Very Specific Customer Demands.
The Ground Navigator Control Unit Is Operated With An Internal Battery That Lasts For About 24 Hours. If You Need To Extend This Operating Time, You Can Also Use The Optional Power Pack Which Lasts For About 48 Hours. The Ground Scanner Supports Following Operating Modes:
Magnetometer … To Find Any Kind Of Ferromagnetic Materials. This Is Some Kind Of Quick Pre-Scan That Allows Removing Trash From The Surface Before Conducting A Real 3D Ground Scan Or Discrimination.
3D Ground Scan … To Conduct A Real 3d Scan For Underground Treasures That Can Be Rendered In Visualizer 3D Software To Get Detailed Information Of The Hidden Targets Like Size, Depth And Position.
Discrimination … To Determine the Kind of Material (Ferromagnetic Metals, Precious Metals Or Voids).
It Comes With A Very Unique Telescopic Super Sensor To Be Able To See Even Small Metallic Objects Under The Ground. You Can Simply Adjust The Length Of The Probe According To Your Personal Needs. Additional This Super Sensor Has A Mountable Handle To Ease Caring It In The Field. So It Is Up To You Whether You Will Carry The Probe With Or Without The Handle.
Available languages
Parts and components
Package Contents
– Control Unit
The control unit is the main processing unit of the device.
It contains with a modern small digital screen and simple control buttons
to select operating modes and determining other parameters for scanning.
– Charger, docking station and travel adapter
To recharge the Power Packs use docking station and charger
a travel adapter completes the charging accessories to make sure the
Power Packs is easy to charge via any power source worldwide.
– Wireless Headphones
The user can use standard wired headphones
or wireless Bluetooth headphones or simply by using the internal speaker
in control unit, but for comfort of the user wireless Bluetooth headphones
so it is more convenient .
available in the package.
– Cable to transfer data
Used to transfer data from the main control unit to the Tablet Pc
or any other computer with installed Visualizer 3D
– 3D Software (Visualizer 3D) on DVD
Visualizer 3D analysis software display
the scanning data as 3D graphics so it make
easy to determine depth and size of detected objects.
– Windows 10 Tablet PC
For easy field operation the visualizer 3d software  load
into mobile windows Tablet PC.
So by using a tablet the operator can analyse scanned images quickly
with visualizer 3d in the search field.
gold detector 2020 
Device Specifications
Finally the new 3D Ground Navigator – a metal detector from OKM Germany – is now available. Starting by now you may take your chance to get a live demonstration in our metal detector shops.The 3D Ground Navigator has been manufactured exclusively by OKM Germany according to our customers demands. We are the sole distributor of this unique metal detecting device and we will support our customers with all information that are necessary to operate this detector. This website is the first information platform you can use to inform yourself about this new invention but we are also glad to answer your questions by phone or email.
 Device Uses :
Find Buried golden objects such as gold treasures, golden ornaments, ancient coins…etc.
Detection of Non-Ferrous (precious) metals such as copper, silver, bronze and so on
Can be used also to find natural gold nuggets and gold veins.
Cavity detection such as tunnels, chambers, graves and so on.
– Operating Modes
3D Ground Navigator 2 contains three operating modes for different purposes and applications
so it is easy to select the desired mode simply by using suitable mode from menu in main control unit.
The device include following operating modes:
1 – 3D Ground Scan Mode:
This is most powerful mode and used to perform a real detailed 3D scanning
for specific area that can be defined by the user;
the scanning process is performed by using Telescopic Super Sensor
which record the scan data for every point in this area,
then it  transfer directly to bundled Tablet PC via USB cable,
3d gold scaner ground navigator  
the scanning data show directly on screen of tablet by 3D analysis software
which give the prospector detailed information about targets
such as  its type, shape, size, depth and position.
By using this mode it easy to find every type of metals and golden treasures,
artifacts, tunnels, ancient antiquities and everything underground.
2 – Magnetometer Mode:
This operating mode is used to detect ferromagnetic metals underground
such as nails, nuts and objects like soda cans and iron trash.
the scanning is done also using the Telescopic Super Sensor ,
magatometer system ground navigator 
this mode is only an acoustical mode, which does not create any graphical representation.
This mode is useful for performing quick pre-scan for specific area
for removing trash from the surface and eliminates garbage or useful objects.
3 – Pin Pointer Mode:
This operating mode is useful for discrimination between different metal types
of buried objects underground like ferromagnetic metals, precious metals or voids.
The scanning is performed by the probe and when it move above any buried object beneath it
will display a graphical signature on tablet screen (via Visualizer 3D software).
pinpointer ground navigator 
By examining the amplitude and color of signature it is easy to know the kind of buried object
for example if the amplitude is positive and color of signature is red then the object is non-ferrous metal like gold.
The following images illustrate the idea more clearly :
signal of non-ferrous metal such as gold,silver 
signal of non-ferrous metal such as gold,silver
 ferrous metal such as iron 
 ferrous metal such as iron
signal of non-metallic object such as space or tunnel 
signal of non-metallic object such as space or tunnel
– Enhanced Telescopic Super Sensor
3D Ground Navigator 2 comes with a new redesigned powerful and unique Telescopic Super Sensor
The super sensor used in all operating modes to perform the scanning process,
with you can find anything from small metallic targets such as gold nuggets,
coins, rings, jewelry and other valuable metallic objects hidden under the ground
can be found easily.
super scaner ground navigator 2020
Also it is very suitable to detect larger objects like boxes, pipes, gold or silver a
and other metallic masses which are buried deep under the surface
In new design the super sensor equipped with a light sphere called “LED Orbit”,
that can indicate the measured values by color changes during the scanning process
for example if LEDs color is red then it is a metal .
– Tablet PC & 3D Analysis Software
3D Ground Navigator is bundled with a Tablet PC works using Windows 10
the tablet  display the scanning data on it screen in Visualizer 3D
the installed analysis software.
ground navigator okm 
Visualizer 3D software offer  in-depth analysis for the data collected by super sensor
during the scan process , the scanned data presented as 3D graphs,  from it the operator can
know a detailed visual information about buried targets such as its shapes, sizes, locations and depth.
ground navigator 2.0 
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