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ACCUMASTER underground water  finder
Making this device to operate on the basis of measuring earth resistance unit measure (Aum) to determine the strengths and weaknesses of areas in the resistance and thus determines the watershed areas under the surface Alerd.otaty power of this device in determining the catchment area where the earth resistance is not affected, but if a large area of water rafting forces in terms of pressure to be a moving force flowing continuously and build on that device determines the ground estuarine areas any assembly points abundant water.
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
Device worked by shipping 110-volt electric
AC adapter provider 220-110
Rechargeable battery 12-volt
Additional optional battery to ensure longer hours of operation in the mainland and non-urban areas
The device searches for a range of up to 24,000 35,000 square feet
Results are taken by digital readout of the index by (6) readings were Tdhuad device light indicators
Device Specifications
Machine is equipped with four probes solid metal to grown in the ground in several different either square or longitudinal or conditions in the triangle can whereby inventory and determine the point at which the primitive by drilling for water thoroughly. Also machine is equipped additional readings define whereby extreme precision depths are no waters and also determine the direction of the floor of rivers draining into the estuary (Rally Point) set by us. As device by which we can identify any knowledge of the power of water pressure does this well will be continuous or intermittent in water collection....
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