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AT 3500
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AT 3500
With AT-3500, Hua economic solution to locate the cable, wires and pipes underground whether activated or not activated. , It highlights precisely the burial services, with the sound quickly and exceptional response metric.
Background, multi-sectoral, Blsm chart, digital display, in addition to the audible indicators to easily identify cables and wires site.
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
Semi-automatic control - a quick reference site and the possibility of control
33 kHz frequency active - the best frequency to determine a public place
The precise burial services and audio quick and metric exceptionally response with multi-sectoral background
A complete tool, ready to use with the receiver, the sender connection, cable, terrestrial and cable
Device Specifications
Activate wires underground cables and pipes
Three ways to better accuracy test
Negative force (50/60 Hz)
Passive radio (RF)
Signal generator site T-3500 with the development of induction connected directly to the cable clamp test or optional
Depth measurement active lay up to 16 "(4.9M)
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