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This product is faster and more accurate than what is available in the market today
Using a distinct design and powerful program, and AT-5000 offers many new performance features, and put them a new standard for identifying and highlighting the errors in the system underground. Sensitivity distance signal left / right user to the exact location of buried utility tool which saves time and effort is not available to determine the standard locations.
Identify and signal distortion and alert and provide superior accuracy through specifically visually clean signal from the line followed, against the "direction of the track `Back` coming from the wrong signals from neighboring lines, and keep the user on the target line.
Essence locate the AT-5005 system tool is ergonomically designed handheld receiver. Designed for comfort, and the receiver is a light weight balanced for all daily use. Bright receiving full color screen with intuitive, easily read graphics that can be seen in all lighting conditions.
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
Provide bright ¼ VGA display graphs and indicators audible signal and a clear reading of the user receiving color
Powerful test signal generated by a 10-watt transmitter output variable depth reliable and determine the distance
Powerful digital signal processing in both receiver and transmitter provides outstanding performance in tracking compared with analog devices
Automatic or manual mode allows the gains respectively for quick and easy identification of the exact line or accurate tracking error
Receiver Bluetooth wireless connections to download images and save meaningful and relevant digital information (the previous survey results)
Error in determining the location of the land with an adapter for power and communication cables A- (optional for AT-5000)
Precise identification of the burial services and sound exceptionally fast response metric
Device Specifications
Activate underground and activation of wires and cables, pipes, and removes exploratory drilling in parking lots or under flooring pipes and wires buried
New technology makes tracking much faster, accurate and unambiguous identification and compared with the standard locations:
Specifically signal distortion alert symbol indicates a clean signal from the line followed, against the "direction of the track" Go "signal coming from the neighboring lines
Guidance coil bends Alerts
Steering left / right distance sensitivity instructs the user to the exact location of buried facilities and eliminates the "random search for the line
Three ways to better test accuracy:
Negative energy status (50, 60 100 and 120 Hz) - Tracking the current activation procedures Lines
Passive radio mode (RF) - using waves surrounding Alradewalkaún
Active mode - signal generator T-5000 with a choice of a wide frequency between 491 kHz and 166 kHz with the development of incitement or directly connected with a cable clamp test leads or optional
The depth of the active mode to measure up to 20 `(6M)...
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