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BLACK HAWK,بلاك هوك ار 3
BLACK HAWKبلاك هوك ار3 ,3
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The Black Hawk Metal Detector is very effective , which can be used to locate precious metals such as gold and silver with maximum ease deeper in search of his devices competition . Is specifically designed for treasure hunters and gold prospectors . Ground balance for this metal detector -based semi- automatic to increase the ease of the user.
One of the features of this metal detector ( pulse induction ) is that it can be used in all terrain , and does not respond to iron mineralization or black sand .
High- capacity metal detector can find gold nuggets down to more than 45 cm ( 18 ) depth and large objects made ​​of precious metals such as boxes treasures to a depth of 8 meters .
Provides individual settings to improve your results and adjust the performance of the devices for the detection of the local soil . So it can be used Blackhawk in a very different terrain such as rocky soil and high soil mineralization , and the desert and beaches , clay, and mountainous areas , remote areas and jungles .
Guo with 600 MHz
A well-equipped processor device for those looking for treasures and gold prospectors to find metal objects such as fast
Buried treasures
Artifacts to the battlefields
Gold ore
Gold and silver jewelry and coins, rings , necklaces, bracelets
Natural raw gold and silver in the ground and other precious ores
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
Find Optional dish 16 cm (6) for small objects like gold nuggets
Find deep dish Optional 150 × 150 cm (60 × 60) for large objects in the depths of the big
Note: The basic version
(Basic kit) for the metal detector include Black Hawk Find 36 cm dish
Also available are two types of search as a choice dish of the device and an additional two
Search deep dish 150 × 150 cm (60 × 60) and 16 cm dish Find 6
Device Specifications
Processor 600 MHz fast strongly
We increased the depth and discrimination metals through the development of modern technology compact between the individual dish ( pulse induction ) and between the delicate SCMI
Advanced Programming made ​​this machine very easy to operate
The ability to search in the night by a backlit screen and LED light bulb installer
Discrimination of precious metals and non-precious
Wireless stereo headphones for metal detectors without sound
Adjust varied to improve the performance of the detector to the soil in your local
Powerful external battery for a longer time in the operating
The discovery of very small targets such as fragments , coins and jewelry with a dish 16 cm Optional Search
Find 150 cm dish can search to a depth of 8 meters to detect metal objects buried treasures
Car charger 12 V Optional
The Black Hawk new metal detector is not only capable of detecting coins , rings and jewelry, but also well suited for the detection of gold nuggets and gold ore deposited .
Search has been improved dish 16 cm (6)
To determine the smallest targets in the toughest terrain .
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