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COBRA L-R-L ,كوبرا ال ار ال
COBRA L-R-L ,كوبرا ال ار ال
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The most powerful German Technology and the newest one in the prospecting world
The first worldly device to detect gold, gold ore, and archaeological treasures underground.
The device is approved by all international prospecting and exploration missions.
Confidently, we are proud to provide our customers the professional device and the first German technology in the prospecting world. It is designed only to explore gold, gold ore, archaeological treasures, groundwater, mining gold, diamonds, spaces, caves, gold coins, antiques and gold nuggets, natural veins to a front distance up to 2000 m, 2 km in a circular way and to depths up to 200 meters underground.
Why choosing COBRA L-R-L?
COBRA L-R-L is a Long Rang Locator, worked on digital system. It is designed by experts in military technology, and developed since 2005, in limited quantities only to professionals and amateurs who detect for treasures.
Then it has been developed again to be able to detect gold ore, therefore, it has achieved strong success in Africa, Australia, Mexico and many countries rich of precious mineral wealth.
The device is designed in a very complex way, difficult to be imitated.
Available languages
German - French - English - Turkish - Persian - Arabic
Parts and components
- The main operating unit
- The receiver unit
- Power unit
- Cables, connectors and rods of the operating unit
- Cables and individual opposite electrodes of the receiver unit
- Cables and connectors of the power unit
- Charger
- Solid and distinctive bag to carry the device
- Arabic catalog for training,
- DVD, stating precisely the training method of how to use COBRA L-R-L,
- German technology specified for Middle Eastern detection,
- 5 years Warranty.
Device Specifications
The device works on special systems and techniques of detection, namely:
Working on long rang system by using the sending and receiving power lines.
Searching at range of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 meters
Discovering metals at a depth up to 100 meters
Detecting gold, silver, bronze, copper, aluminum, diamonds, groundwater and natural gold nuggets.
Detecting any metal as soon as you enter its own frequency in the analytical program with the possibility of choosing a search frequency of 001 to 999.
Discovering spaces, caves, basements and tunnels.
Discovering groundwater at depth of 200 meters
Determines precisely the depth of the target
Determines the Target Center
Automatic balancing system ground for any type of soil
Sensitive control system
It is not affected by moisture or salinity, and even dry soil
It has purification and filtering system to separate and distinguish the target from the mineral soil.
Extraordinary penetration system to detect through any insulators, such as wooden boxes or plastic bags, asphalt or textiles and all kinds of insulators, to be the only locator that is capable of penetrating any type of insulators without exception.
Detecting metals through the frequency and the wavelength makes you able to distinguish between the metal and the mineral rocks or stones.
The operation system is available in several international languages : German - French - English - Turkish - Persian - Arabic
The device can be operated by two or one person for professionals and beginners.
Working continuously for 8 hours,
Operating system software is very strong, fast and stable.
Easy to use and easy to program
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