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Deep Seeker
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Deep Seeker
Five search systems in one device to detect internal treasures such as precious metals and ancient monuments.
The world`s first-of-its-kind device that operates five innovative systems to detect internal treasures such as precious metals, ancient monuments, caves and cavities in the ground.
DEEP SEEKER is designed to operate in all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult climatic conditions.
DEEP SEEKER can skip all kinds of metal rocks using automatic calibration technology, including sedimentary, metamorphic fossil shifting, and fire rocks, which are of two types:
Granite and basalt
Which are one of the worst types of rocks that hinder the work of many devices available in the markets, this happens because of the change in these rocks as a result of their chemical interaction with the ground, which turned these rocks into a rock texture, in other words, metal components.
DEEP SEEKER operates on five different search systems in one device:
  1. First: Ionic fields search system.
  2. Second: Magnetic metals search system.
  3. Third: cavity detection system.
  4. Fourth: 3D imaging system.
  5. Fifth: Long range system .
Available languages
  1. It operates in six languages: (German - English - French - Italian - Spanish – and Arabic).
Parts and components
- Main electronics units that all parts and sensors and coils connect to it and plugged in.
- Signal Transmitter unit plugged in main unit.
- Signal receiving unit to pick coming signals from targets.
- 2 Search coils (15 x 15 cm and 45 x 45 cm) used in pulse induction system.
- Coil holder with arm that connect to coils 
- Antennas 
- Solid Carry Case 
- TITAN Sensor 
- Tablet PC
- Stand for Tablet PC
- Battery and charger
Device Specifications
  1. DEEP SEEKER allows users to operate two control systems: touch system and keyboard system.
  2. Five search systems in one device.
  3. It operates in six languages: (German - English - French - Italian - Spanish – and Arabic).
  4. Users can choose the type of soil in the search area: (natural - clay - rock - sand - mixed – or metal) to obtain more accurate results.
  5. It works with a front range up to 3000 square meters and a depth of 40 meters.
  6. The ability to penetrate ground layers to great depths that are difficult for many other devices to reach.
  7. It operates in all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult climatic conditions.
  8. The device is not affected by all types of soils and rocks.
  9. It has a Digital compass to help Users to identify the north and south directions.
  10. Settings menu contains (adjust sound - adjust brightness - device information).
  11. The device weight with full accessories is 5 KG.
  12. Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase.
  13. DEEP SEEKER Device is one of the best German innovations with European  certification according to international specifications.
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