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Easy Way Plus
اصغر جهاز كشف المعادن ايزي واي بلس
easy way plus
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Easy Way Plus
Easy Way Plus is the smallest 3D metal detector
Now with the Easy Way Plus you can explore secretly and find underground treasures. Just wear the Easy Way in the foot and go out to search for gold and treasures. The Easy Way is designed for prospectors and secret treasure hunters.
The Easy One Plus is unique in its small size and can be hidden, but it also has the precision of shooting targets underground. It works on 3D Ger Analyzer and supports the following languages:
Arabic _ English _ Russian _ Turkish _ French _ German
The search depth of the Easy Way Plus is 18 meters underground with the possibility of determining the depth in meters and centimeters in the ground.
This device works with a three-dimensional imaging system that depicts all metals, caves and voids in the ground and explains them on the screen of the handheld tablet.
The device gives a direct and high-resolution image of all that is buried underground and clarifies it in a three-dimensional way and the user can know the quality of the target detected through the stereoscopic graphics of the goals.
It can also measure the depth of the target detected with precision and professionalism.
Available languages
English, German, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, and French.
Parts and components
1. The main unit containing the main processor of the device and the control panel.
2. Antineoplastics.
3. Control tool.
4. Wear a special device to install it on the foot.
5. Domestic electric charger 220 volts.
6. Tablet device on which the search software is installed.
7. Bag carry and save for the device and its accessories are fully shock-proof.
8. Use manuals in several languages, including Arabic.
Device Specifications
Technical Features of Easy Way Plus:
1_ Small device and light weight, and the weight of the machine 1.5 kg of all accessories
2_ The search depth of the device reaches 18 meters underground
3_ The device operates using 3D Ger Analyzer to determine the shape, size and depth of the target underground.
4_ The machine works with a 12 volt battery.
5_ Battery lasts up to 6 hours continuous work and you can easily charge.
6_ Two years warranty from the date of purchase.
7_ German industry in full.
8_ Get a European CE certificate according to international standards.

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