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Evo-3D Dold Detector
Now with the new Evo 3D device you can search for metals and detect gold, the device is characterized by its small size and secret that helps you to uncover the treasures in complete secrecy, only a stick and mobile you can walk anywhere and find gold and treasures and spaces with the technique of Live scanner, And 3D Ground Scanner, the depth of the device to 8 meters under the ground.
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Parts and components
1_ An android mobile phone
2_ Sensor
3_ machine bag
4_ charger for home
5_ charger for car
6_ wireless unit
7_ Charger connector (Socket)
8_ tablet bag
9_ belt
10_ waist belt
11_ user manual
12_ Lithium battery lasts 6 hours
13_ Certificate of guarantee for two years
Device Specifications
Evo-3D Metal Detector includes two imaging systems:
1_ 3D Ground Scaner :
In this system, you can scan a specific area of ​​the earth by walking in one direction in the form of a rectangle with a certain distance (for example, length of 5 meters and width of 3 meters). The earth survey data is stored and then transferred to the mobile phone screen by the software installed on it to analyze the data, This program enables you to see the target and the graphics shown in 3D imaging , you can know the details of the target type, whether gold or silver or space and depth of the target and size, and also enables the prospect to know what the target, whether a box or small coins or anything through the 3D imaging Gives an accurate picture of the shape of burial targets Ye somewhat.
2_ Direct Live Scanner
This system enables the user to know the type, size and depth of the target immediately, saving time and effort.
* UMAD scanning technology
This technique used in the device is the latest and most reliable in the world to scan the ground layers with the best accurate and reliable results using the enclosed probe.
* Sensor scanning (sensor)
This special probe in its design and built-in high-resolution search technology enables the user to scan the soil layers to a depth of up to 8 meters.
The probe is designed as a stick that can be adjusted through the jaw and mounting joints from 60 cm to 120 cm
* Simple and easy analytical program
With the application of the analytical program of the device installed on the smart mobile phone operating system Android user can control and the device and settings settings via a simplified graphical interface and easy to understand.
* Lithium battery
Using this rechargeable battery the user can use the device for six hours continuously
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