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فيشر جولد بق,Fisher gold bug
فيشر جولد بق,Fisher gold bug
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fisher gold bug metals detector 
Specialized device to detect small pieces of gold ore, even in high soil mineralization
Is characterized by the existence of different tones with read directly on the large, clear screen device
Accurate determination of the center of the target through clear audio through the headphones that came with the device
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
- Digital LCD Screen
- Alert tones 2
- The handle (pregnant) demountable
- Headphones
- Made in America
- Disk basic research
- Use manual in English
- Ensure that for a year
- Ensure the manufacturers for a year
Device Specifications
Discovers the depth of up to 1 meter maximum
Lightweight and easy to use
Right balance and the ability to distinguish between good targets
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