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FORS GOLD,فورس جولد
FORS GOLD,فولس جولد
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FORS Gold metal detector, with its features, design and accessories, is a professional metal detector developed based on gold prospectors` needs worldwide.
FORS Gold metal detector has been designed extremely sensitive to the smallest nuggets. It has advanced settings which minimize the effects of highly mineralized soils and hot rocks frequently encountered in gold fields. It will find nuggets that other detectors miss at unmatched depths.
The Pro package, not only offers a perfect detector but also all the search coils and accessories you will need for gold prospecting. FORS Gold metal detector is not only the ultimate force in gold prospecting but it is the ultimate gold detector you will ever want to purchase.
As all experienced gold prospectors know, gold fields in the world have tough ground conditions for detectors. These fields, most of the time, contain high amounts of iron minerals and hot rocks which cause false signals and negatively affect the performance of metal detectors. FORS Gold, thanks to its advanced settings designed to eliminate these minerals, works flawlessly even on the toughest terrains.
Available languages
Arabic - Turkish - Persian - Bulgarian - Greek - French - Spanish - German - English
Parts and components
Find the small disk 12-13.2 cm
Find a disk medium 08/17 to 05/28 cm
33.7 - 39.5 centimeter large disk
Tote Bag
Battery Charger
Weatherproof cover
Device Specifications
Working in the toughest terrain
Provider dual-screen LCD
Digital system to determine the type of target
Depth measurement system
Find tablet Waterproof
Easy to use and ergonomic design
10 Languages

Difficult terrain:
Each prospectors with known expertise for gold fields in the world and has a difficult terrain for metal detectors. These fields contain high amounts of minerals and iron and hot rocks that cause wrong signals and adversely affect the performance of metal detectors g-Force Cold device has advanced settings designed to eliminate these metals, which helps the machine to work without any obstacles in the toughest terrain
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