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Garrett ATX metal detector
The new option to get high results in the detection of gold and minerals and relics and treasures buried underground
A new pulse induction to detect gold at great depths in all the land and terrain
Military specifications designed to overcome all Aalbeih harsh conditions such as water, salt and mineral lands, and rocky
With a sensitive search DD with high sensitivity for the detection of both small and large gold nuggets gold pieces.
Gold detector "GARRETT ATX" is an ideal device for the exploration and extraction of gold jewelry and relics and treasures buried underground and also underwater
Characteristic soil budget properly, and working on the sound system and indicator lights, and reveals all precious metals and non-precious ones.
Has a unique property designed only to make it easier for prospectors during the search process, and is to detect all metal targets at the same time different tones without having to hold the insulation process and change the search system.
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
Find dish Mono 8 inches
Find dish Double de 10 * 12 inches
Find dish Mono 15 * 20 inches
Carrying Case
Home Charger
Car Charger
Catalog device
Training DVD
Device Specifications
- Detection of all targets at the same time and different tones without the need for insulation process to enhance the process of searching for the goal
- Conduct a quick budget process ground on all types of soil, rocky, metallic high, salty, moist
- Dishes Find Double D helps in the discovery of small pieces without having to slow down the movement of the scanner
- Detects to depths of up to a maximum of 3 meters
- The hunting targets accurately while moving above the target device or install the device above the target without movement
- Light indicators show the signal strength and the current settings of the device show
- External acoustic sound coming from the target Signal appear in addition to the earpiece
- Find frequency adjusts automatically and can cancel any interference fake
- The volume control and adjust to some extent helps us to better hear the signals coming from targets...
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