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Gepard GPR
Gepard GPR,جيبارد جى بي ار
Gepard GPR,جيبارد جى بي ار
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Gepard GPR
Gepard GPR cable detector and ground penetrating radar is talking to detect objects and underground structures such as pipelines, cavities, tunnels, and foundations and the like.

Gepard GPR used in desert

Ground penetrating radar that uses a transmission system with sensors unchecked handlers to penetrate up to a maximum depth of 40 meters. Gepard GPR and very light weight, flexible and compact with ground radar, which can be operated by a single user easily.
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
Control unit
Expandable antennas
Additional antennas
Handle with transmitter
Handle with receiver
Travel charger and adapter
Screen Android
Android Screen Holder
Battery compartment
user`s Guide
Billy shockproof and water proof bag
Device Specifications
Radar (Radio and resonance detector) sends electromagnetic signals in the range of 60 MHz to 300 MHz in the ground and waiting for the echo or reflection signal to detect anomalies hidden as follows:

- Buried pipelines, channels and cable
- Underground walls, basements and fortified concrete
- Almrdoma wells, galleries and trenches and bunkers
- Groundwater, rivers and groundwater level
- Secret tunnels and shelters and shelters
- Hidden cavities, graves and cemeteries
- Septic tanks, distribution boxes and sewage pipes
- Buried treasures, statues and bunkers...
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