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GMT One of the strongest international specialized agencies in the detection of raw gold and device works well in all types of land and especially clay and contains automatic calibration option and can be isolated iron ore and non-value minerals from the search process and the final is also sensitive control and signal strength and audio power and lighting.
Parts and components
- The main device CPU
- The handle (pregnant) demountable
- Headphones
- Educational CD on the device (DVD)
- Catalogs English
- Carrying Case
- Ensure that for a year
- Ensure the manufacturers for a year
- Made in America
Available languages
Available in English
Device Specifications
Find cancel iron metal and not to give any indication of the property
Frequency adjustable by the user skills by
Search system for each metal and system full of discrimination and destruction metal
A special system to determine the strength and Haceh Search
The level and type of sound resonance control
High speed and accuracy in performance
Lightweight and easy to use
Search sensitive medium and large sensitive search
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