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Gold Star 3D Scanner
gold star | جولدستار
gold star | جولدستار
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Gold Star 3D Scanner

3D Gold Star Ground Scanner And Metal Detector With 3D Imaging System

3D Gold Star Includes A New Technology For 3D Scanning And Analysis Of Underground Layers, With Precise Detection Of Targets From Farthest Distances And Extreme Depths For The First Time In The World.

Mega Locators A Leader German Company In Gold Detection Devices Is Proud To Introduce This Long-Awaited Device To Achieve The Dreams Of All The Treasures Hunters And Lovers Of Adventure And Exploration Everywhere.

3D Gold Star Technology Has Been Ranked First Among The World`s Best-Known By Mining Companies And Professional Archaeological Missions.

With High Quality Technology Combined With Fast Performance, Precision Analysis And Light Weight Developed In A Special System That Deserves To Be The First Globally Without Competitor To Remain The Best Mega Detection Factories In Europe And The World

Available languages

Available Languages





Parts and components


- The Main Electronic Unit Is Made Of The Strongest Solid Materials That Are Not Affected By Extreme Climatic Conditions.

- High Quality 12 Volts lithium Battery Works For 10 Hours Of Continuous Operation.

- Search Antennas Coated With Special Materials That Help To Capture The Signal And Determine The Target Area Accurately.

- A Precise Telescopic Probe Based On Principle Of The Reception Of Signals From The Metal And The Spaces And Converting It To Acoustic And 3d Imaging Signals

- A Companion Tablet Computer Screen With A Precise 3D Imaging Analysis Program That Analyzes The Target, Draws Its Real Shape, Determines Its Depth And All The Details Of The Target.

- A Plastic Base For Fixing The Tablet Computer Above The Telescopic Sensor During The Search Process For Easy View Of Scanning Data Directly.

- High Quality AC Charger

- Car Charger (Travel Adapter)

- Headphones

- Training CD In Arabic, English And German Languages

- User Guide In German, English And Arabic Languages

Device Specifications

With The Need In This Age For Everything That Is New And Useful, The Exploration Techniques Were Developed With The Latest Scientific Innovations Specialized In The Study Of The Underground Geology And Structure And Identify The Errors That Result From The Exploration, And Using The Latest Scientific Methods And Advanced Techniques To Reach The Highest Accuracy In The Exploration Of The Contents Of The Underground Treasures Caves, Gold, Precious Metals And Natural Resources

The New Gold Star System Was Provided By Precise Processor Based On The Locating Of The Targets Locations From The Farthest Distances And The Deepest Depths, With advanced 3d Imaging Analysis Program And Precise Sound System That Determine The Target Center Accurately Through The Various Included Search Systems To Become A Multipurpose Device For Use In The Exploration Area And Without Need To Use Of Any Other System Because The Existence Of All These Search Systems In One Device, Namely:

1 - Long-Range System:

This System Works By receiving Target Signals From Large Distances Up To 1200 Meters For The Front Range Without Being Affected By The Difficult Weather Conditions, It Can Detect Small Targets Ranging From Small Few Grams Pieces To The Largest Sizes And Determine The Depth Of Up To 30 Meters In The Ground.

2 - Magnetometer System (Sonic System)

This Unique Technology Works To Determine The Center Of The Target Accurately To Enable The User To Capture The Target Signals From The Center Without Loss Of Start point.

This Thing Accomplished  Through The Sonic Indicators The User Can Hear Via Headphones When He Pass With The Telescopic Probe Above The Target Directly With The Possibility Of Identifying The Spaces And The Tunnels And Caves In The Most Difficult Rocky And Sandy soils.

3 – 3D Imaging System:

For The First Time A Unique System Was Developed For Analyzing Of Target Underground And Give All Details About It Through Real 3D Graphics Figures That Present The Target Visually To Enable The User To Know The Size And Depth And Shape Of The Target Before Drilling, Using A Mega Detection Analysis Program.

The Gold Star 3-D System FEATURES Very Cool Design That Combines Ease Of Use, Light Weight, And Easy Mobility With Secrecy As Nobody Can Spot It As A Metal Detector Because Of Its Unique And Confidential Design, Anyone Who Sees The Device Is Believed To Be A Stick That Does Not Resemble Any Metal Detector Device And Does Not Notice That It Is The Largest And Most Reliable Technology.

It Is Equipped With A High-Quality Tablet Computer With High-Resolution Screen With Installed3d Analysis Program, That Work On Detection And Identification Of Targets Through The Reception Of Signals From Telescopic Probe That Work For Up To 10 Hours Of Continuous Operation.

For The First Time The Accurate Information About The Target Is Presented Showing The Real Shape Of The Target In The Ground And Its Depth (In Meters And Centimeter) And The Center Of Signal Strength Issued By The Target And The Center Point Of The Real Goal To Be Drilling Directly Above The Target Without Loss Of Time And Effort.

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