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GOLDEN KING PLUS,جولدنكنج بلس
GOLDEN KING PLUS,جولدن كنج بلس
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golden king plus 3d metal detector 
The latest and most powerful detection systems for gold and minerals and treasures in the ground at all. The device works on 3 systems which Photogrammetry and electromagnetic system and radar. The device features the ability to detect gold and archaeological treasures and the possibility of identifying caves and tunnels and voids large professionally floor with the possibility of clarifying the depth meter and Centimeter through the direct three-dimensional imaging to determine the name of the metal detected accurately.
Possibility of canceling iron and non-precious metals exploration process altogether. There is also a device 10 international languages ​​including Arabic and English with a special program for the analysis of signals, signs and logos archaeological credit of the biggest centers and bodies of global exploration for signal analysis and discovered.
Device works efficiently in sandy soil and rock and mud and is not affected by basaltic rocks and mineral final. The device features the latest and most powerful detection system has no parallel in all areas of archaeological and historical places and huge property to explore targets in the walls and castles, caves and tunnels.
The device features characteristic Safe Search non-existent in the other system is not affected with wired and mobile Web is not affected by interference caused by any hesitation exists in the area of ​​exploration and equipped with operational features simple handling and performance with the advantage of the Arabic language and digital screen high-definition describes all specifications target directly and is the only device that is running imaging three-dimensional and shows the form of the target and watch the minutest details of the target before drilling and is clarified name of metal and depth starting from the smaller goals to large sizes with precision and clarity with the ability to explore huge non-existent in any similar system with determining depth Surface and Centimeter.
Available languages
Arabic - Turkish - Persian - Bulgarian - Greek - French - Spanish - German - English
Parts and components

The main operating unit and contain the search screen
Lithium 7.4 Volt
File search deep
Multi-purpose file search
File search surface
Bag to carry the device
Home charger
Car Charger
Headphones Head Set
Laser camera
Toxins detector
Bag to carry the screen
Special training systems
Catalogs in Arabic and English
DVD training in Arabic
Comprehensive warranty and guarantee for 3 years
Device Specifications
High ability to detect gold ore veins and gold sandstone very well without being influenced by volcanic rocks or mineral soil depths greater than most detectors gold ore in the global markets.
Discovery in the blanks
The radar Golden King users to the possibility of filming three-dimensional graphs in the results screen with the possibility of moving the target image in many ways and all angles. This system provides for the first time in the world. This system does not invite images and drawings of pre-recorded, but provides for employer references received from the target directly and unable device to detect voids and gaps ground as caves and tunnels and rooms buried with ease with the possibility of identifying the contents of the vacuum of metals and shows it in the results screen in three-dimensional and recall that before the development of the Golden King system customers were paying exorbitant sums to show such images using the old scanning techniques.
Direct imaging and analysis of the target
The device full analysis of the signals received from the target by equipment and software covered by and used in the analysis device works on calibrating automatic soil and recognize shipments and frequencies resulting from soil and rocks and components whatever quality to give it signals minutes and uncertain about the type and size and metal detected and sends signals powerful to penetrate all the difficult territory and severe to reach depths of up to easily massive to be able to enjoy the real research and exploration for having the best technology in the world the only technique capable of overcoming all the wrong signals issued by the soil and rocks of all kinds with ease.
Wizard recognizes the device on all precious metals and non-precious and gives quick results for the type of metal and clarification on the screen quickly and directly.
The device features iron scrap metal and non-precious metals from the process of research and exploration to become you can trust search for precious metals and gold easily and permanently without any obstacles.
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