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GPA 1000
GPA 1000
 GPA 1000
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GPA 1000
The latest German machines professionalism pictorial triple and two-dimensional to detect gold and treasures and ancient relics buried underground determines depth of the target with high accuracy
Device has been developed with the latest technology and modern German was processing all the mistakes that were produced for older devices to be producing the most accurate technology German World
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
- Memory and Storage
- The Windows operating system
- Lithium Battery
- Dual Camera
- Touch screen
Device Specifications
The device works on a thorough analysis of the program through high-precision sensors in addition to microprocessors facilitate the detection and identification of the magnetic field, which might as prepared in the ground operation
Machine is equipped sensors and high-performance sensors for the first time to penetrate the layers of the earth are to depths of up to 15 meters uncertain and clearly and accurately
The device can detect coins and archaeological treasures, caves and voids floor with give accurate for the detected target type details
Identify the type of metal, size and depth clearly high system...
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