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جي بي اي اكس ال 16,GPA XL16
جي بي اي اكس ال 16,GPA XL16
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The latest German machines tri soundtracks and two-dimensional to detect gold and treasures and ancient relics buried underground determines depth of the target with high accuracy
Available languages
Available in English
Parts and components
- Memory and Storage
- The Windows operating system
- Lithium Battery
- Dual Camera
- Touch screen
Device Specifications
- Surface and identifies the target centimeter depth
- Calibration of the soil automatically
- The use of high-performance imaging system
- Calibration data visually
- From which access to the soil that suits you and how to search and automatically calibrate the ground * up to a depth of 9 meters
- The possibility of the data stored within the internal memory stores all photogrammetric operations
- The user photographed image scanning up to 20
- This device is designed world-class, working to fit in anywhere in the world...
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