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gravitator long range locator 
One of the strongest and most reliable devices and systems Ala_i_aaria long-term
The more accurate device globally to hunt targets
Golden sniper treasures and valuables in the ground after up to 400 meters and a depth of 8 meters beyond the territory solid and rocky depths exceeded 15 meters in the occupied sand
Parts and components
- Manufacturer of special materials do not affect the operation of the device and anti-break
- Keys to control allergies to determine the size and distance search
- Antenna reserve in case of breakage or damage
- Metal bag of aluminum waterproof and shock and breakage
- Made in America
- Laser module to locate the target point very carefully
- 4 1.5 volt batteries
- Ensure that for a year
- Ensure the manufacturers for a year
Available languages
Available in English
Device Specifications
Using Alazari sensing system and at the same time to pinpoint your target point accurately stunning and accurate measurements without any errors in the research and measuring how much is present in legacy systems
This startling discovery holds many
View certificate awards and discretion of the many global research centers exploration International Centers
Of the most important device features easy use - Accuracy - discrimination - to identify and measure the full depth and give details about the target...
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