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Great Neutron
great neutron
جريت نيترون
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Great Neutron
Gold Master Company introduces you to the all-new imaging metal detector for the exploration of burials, treasures, minerals and gold underground, underground metal detector Great Nitron | Great Neutron works with two professional systems:
1_ 3D photographic system
2_ system to distinguish between different metals
  The device is a German industry with three years warranty
Available languages
Parts and components
Contents of the device
The warranty card of the device is accompanied by a special device number
Video tutorial to use the device and run its programs
The main unit of the device
Super Sensors
Control screen and base screen
Charger device
Machine parts
Circuit Sensors
Circuit connections
start button
Screen base
The handle
Scan button
Super Sensors
Charger device
Control and operation screen
The main unit
Device Specifications
We offer the first device in the world with the latest technology in the world of hardware detailed explanation of how to use the entire device, which operates two research systems to detect gold and buried treasures
Operating systems
3D imaging system
Turn on the device and on the File tab, open the software for the device
1- Select the device type Great Nitron
2- Choose the correct port
3. Select the connection type and choose the cable
4. Select the three-dimensional scanning system
5. Press OK
6. Then choose how many shots you will take
Then make sure the device is above the ground from 5 to 10 cm. Take shots after each distance of half a square meter or rectangle according to the appropriate place to be searched. Space and depth in centimeters.
The red color indicates gold
Yellow color indicates the presence of metals
The blue color indicates a vacuum
The green color indicates an empty land
Distinction between metals
This system distinguishes between metals, gold, precious metals and voids
How the metal discrimination system works
Change the system of the program from the File tab
1- Select the device type Great Nitron
2. Select the correct port
3- Choose the connection method and connection type
4 - Determine the type of discrimination between metals
5. Then press OK
Then point the device to the ground and make sure the height of the device from 5 to 10 cm. Move the device from right to left to highlight the target in the ground.
Gold in red color
And the mixture of metals in yellow color
Blue indicates a vacuum
Green is an empty land
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