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JEO SONAR 2103,جيو سونار 2013
JEO SONAR 2103,جيو سونار2013
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Jeosonar 3D SYSTEM Is A System Which Has Been The Dream Of Both Amateur And Professional Users For Many Years And Which Are Equipped With Lated Tecjnology And Able To Meet All The Expectations Of The Consumer.
This System Which Has A Unique Depth With Its Searchcoil Effectiveness Up To 6-8 Meters Is An Unrivaled Detector In Its Class With Its Metal, Cave, Tunnel And Underground Cities Detection Capability, Superior Metal Discrimination Feature And Real Time3D Target Dignal Graphics Result Screen.
Parts and components
- Disc height 17 cm, width 14 cm
- Disc height 60 cm, width 100 cm
- A big bag to contain and store the device in full equipment
- 12-volt battery
- Headphones
- CD instructional methods and machine work
- Disc height 44 cm, width 36 cm
- Tote bag and prevention main unit
- Electric Charger 220 Volt
- 220-volt car charger
- Catalogs English and Arabic
- Ensure that for a year
Available languages
Arabic - English
Device Specifications
The device has a manual calibration of the soil to identify the components and analysis option and therefore recognizes the target properly
After doing a survey of the target device is transmitted directly to the results screen shows the name of the metal and the depth and the proportion of metal values
He writes on the screen either gold or metal values or values or is steel, as well as vacuum and can be isolated iron ore and non-value minerals from the search process is final and the machine does not recognize or give indicators, but on the value of minerals and gold only
Works wonderfully in all types of soil and penetrates easily rock and mineral stones
Equipped with three discs researcher surface search, medium and deep
The device works program in English and Arabic
Private control systems strongly sound and light control strongly
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