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Mega Diamond Locator
ميجا دايموند
mega diamon
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Mega Diamond Locator
Mega Diamond Locator a Latest New Technology from Mega Locators-Germany and a unique device designed exclusively to detect diamonds and gemstones underground
Mega Diamond Locator use powerful Long Range Locator system, it can detect the smallest sizes of gemstones from long distances and to extreme depths.
Mega Diamond Locator comes with the possibility for the user to choose the type of gemstone before searching process. It is done simply by selecting its preset program.
Available languages

The device graphical user interface (GUI) available in 8 languages, you can select the language from start screen and the settings will be saved even if you restart the device 
- German
- English
- Russian
- French
- Spanish
- French
- Turkish
- Arabic


Parts and components
All components and parts of Diamond Locator device are protected with sponge and placed inside high-quality waterproof bag.
The bag includes following parts:
- Main Electronic Unit (System Box) which contains :
•TFT LCD display screen 
•Control Panel that contains buttons to adjust settings 
•Battery (inside system box)
•Search unit which contains sockets for antennas and signal booster radar
•Button for laser activation
•Charging indicator

- 2 Search antennas (plugged in the front of the rotatable search unit)
- Signal booster Radar (mounted on the top of the rotatable search unit)
- Deep Master (the depth measurement unit) comes with 2 antennas and 3 pegs. The antennas must be plugged to the two sides of the unit. The 3 pegs must be attached to the unit and then planted in the ground.
- Durable Lithium battery that lasts for 15 hours of continuous usage and operation.
- AC charger for charging the battery and Deep Master unit.
- Travel adapter (Car charger)
- User Manual 
- An instructional Training DVD disc about how to use the device.
- Warranty Certificate from the manufacturer
Device Specifications

Mega Diamond Locator is the best specialized device that has been developed exclusively to detect diamonds and gemstones underground with powerful features and reliable results. * Search System
Mega Diamond Locator works using advanced long range locator system that has been developed exclusively for this device; it has high-accuracy built-in technology that receives emitted signals from diamonds and different types of gemstones using search antennas. The antennas are supported with additional signal boosting radar.
Diamond Locator works using high-precision frequencies to identify all different kinds of buried gemstones in all types of soils and terrain.
The device has built-in filters that work to identify the signal accuracy and confirmation of its existence. The signal reception range starts from 250 meters and up to 2500 meters in the Front Range. In extreme depths, It is up to 60 meters in the ground. It has accurate determination of the size of the target and signal strength via a built-in analytical program in Diamond Locator system.
By using Mega Diamond Locator, the user can search for the following targets: 
•Gemstones including the following types:
3.Red sapphire 
5.Blue sapphire 
7.Yellow sapphire 
Search is done by selecting specific search program in "Search" menu then the device will load the selected program and after that the screen will display a graph with search distance range at the left side and depth range on the right side.
For search distance range, users can choose one of these values:
250 – 500 – 750 – 1500 – 2000 – 2500
And they can select the scan depth range from following values: 
5 – 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 60 meter
* Device Program
Diamond Locator has a simple easy-to-use multilingual graphical user interface that is available in 8 international languages.
Using the controls in the control panel, it is easy to select and adjust different settings like language and search program and show search indicators on display screen.

* Ergonomic Design
Mega Diamond Locator designed with user in mind, as its ergonomic design offers comfortable and smooth experience during device use.
The device has been manufactured using high quality plastic materials. Its electronic circuits are not affected by heat or coldness.
* The LCD Screen
When the device is turned on, the high-resolution colored screen will display all settings and options like selecting the language, selecting the search system, and then specifying the target type to be detected. 
* Laser System
This new technology included with the Diamond Locator. Laser Locating System is used to determine the right direction of the detected target from a long distance and help the user locate its direction visually. 
* Long Lasting Batteries
The device works using durable lithium-ion batteries. It can be easily charged and it provides between 10-15 hours of continuous operating time. User can request additional batteries. The device is also provided with a normal charger and travel adapter.


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