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Relic Striker
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Relic Striker

Detech Relic Striker VLF metal detector
We introduce to you the deepest VLF detector – the Detech Relic Striker VLF metal detector.
It operates at an ultra-low frequency – 4.8 kHz. This is the best relic VLF detector ever manufactured in the world. It is designed for professional treasure hunters especially for search of deeply buried relics and coins. We chose this ultra-low operation frequency after months of numerous tests. It allows the detector to penetrate deep in every type of ground. The detector is standardly equipped with 18×15″ SEF coil, very light for its size – only 820 g, water and shock resistant. Due to this SEF coil the detector becomes even deeper, makes perfect ground balance and has very stable operation.

Parts and components

The package contains:
Control box
Telescopic shaft
220 VAC charger for AA rechargeable batteries
One or two coils, depending on the option you choose
User manual
Available languages
5 languages Menu – English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
Device Specifications

Detech Relic Striker is a professional all terrain metal detector. It has automatic and manual ground balance adjusting. The search modes include adjustable discrimination, high quality dual tone target identification – low pitched tone for the ferrous targets, high pitched tone for the non-ferrous valuable targets. It has also an all metal (ground adjust enable) mode.
Optional equipment are 9″ and 13″ Ultimate coils, and 8 x 6″ SEF coil. All the coils are waterproof and temperature resistant, made of enforced polymer with UV protection, rugged and interchangeable, coming with coil covers.
The detector has a telescopic 3-parts shaft. The maximum operational length of the shaft is 57″ (1450 mm) – allows comfortable work with the detector of even the very tall users. The minimum operational length is 35″ (880 mm) – with it the detector could be operated even by a child.
The lower shaft is resistant to vibrations, made of fibreglass enforced polymer. The num lock rings are very strong and convenient and ensure secure tightening. The ergonomic handle is with a continuously variable regulation of the distance to the arm-rest, very well fitting to the hand.
Genuine leather pads on the handle and the arm-rest create the sensation of pleasant touch and limit the hands sweating.
The light–weight control box allows easy access to all controls and switches on the front and the rear panel, the electronics box is positioned in a way that balances the detector perfectly.
All detector parts are extremely high quality, only the highest quality electronic components have been used. The warranty of the control unit and search coils is two years.
Operating frequency : 4. 8 kHz
Dual tone audio frequency: 250 Hz low tone (ferrous); 1100 Hz high tone (non-ferrous);
Single tone audio frequency: 550 Hz
Weight (including batteries): 1600 grams
Maximum length: 1450 mm
Minimum operating length: 880 mm
Standard coil: SEF Pro 18 x 15″
Optional coils: 8 x 6″ SEF, Ultimate 9″, Ultimate 13″
Headphone impedance: 8-32 Ohms (Detech does not supply the headphones; This information is presented here to help users when purchasing headphones from other sources.)
*Rechargeable batteries included: 6 pcs. AA, Ni – MH, 2200mAh
Ground balance: Auto / Manual
Search modes: adjustable discrimination
Processor: Microchip
Target ID: dual (low tone/high tone)
All Metal Mode with manual ground balance
Automatic recognition of coil type and size for optimum operation
Warranty: 3 years

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