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Rover c 2
روفر سي 2وRover c 2
روفر سي 2,Rover c 2
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Rover c 2
Rover C II gold detector from okm metal detectors 
 Based on an electromagnetic pulse method which can be used to select anomalies in the region Rover C II target

This device is able to detect natural features such as formations of strata , cavities , groundwater level as well as buried objects such as pipes , tanks, boxes or suchlike .

Qeft does not contain a magnet that can penetrate to a depth of 2 meters and it has an integrated scan function also RB objects that can be detected in a depth of 18 meters . This Aljhazakchw objects greater than 10 cm × 10 cm and deeper than 30 cm . To distinguish the concrete form that the user must be very careful in the measurement process . So systemic very suitable for use in uneven ground shape.
Because of the balance of technology integration microprocessor ground , depth and data storage will be performed automatically by the device . The evaluation take place at the computer where the scanned area can be analyzed in a three-dimensional .
Available languages
Arabic - English - French - Spanish - Persian - German
Parts and components
1- Main Unit
- Sensor is sensitive up to 2 meters deep
- Super Sensitive Sensor up to depths of 18 meters
- Unit data transfer via Bluetooth
- CD 3D visualizer program
- Facility to Abtaboub with the device
- Headphones
- A catalog of training in Arabic and English
- Ensure workmanship for a period of two years
Device Specifications
- Electricity 12 volts processing
- Depth of up to about 18 meters
- Dimensions: Approx 430 × 150 × 260 mm
- Weight: approx 3000 grams
- A maximum depth of 18 meters

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