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Shaker Table with Magnetic Separator
Shaker Table with Magnetic Separator
Shaker Table with Magnetic Separator
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Shaker Table with Magnetic Separator
 This is a compact shaker table that will concentrate gold and other values down to 500 mesh and will process up to 800 pounds of placer or hard rock material per hour! Absolutely ideal for use with rock crushers and active placer operations. You can process material up to 1/4 of an inch with this table and it is equipped with built in nugget traps.
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Parts and components
The ST1 Table has 4 discharge ports, an essential system for the professional:
Port #1: Pure Gold
Port #2: Roughing Port
Port #3: Midlings
Port #4: Tailings
Device Specifications
 All eccentrics have ball bearings for long life and precision action. The ST1 comes equipped with a magnetic separator that helps liberate the gold and provides for superior recovery.
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