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Super Concentrator KSCR
Super Concentrator KSCR
Super Concentrator KSCR
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Super Concentrator KSCR
 The new Super Concentrator is finally available after 3 years of development and over 25 prototypes, Keene Engineering has developed the perfect concentrator riffle. Experience fine gold recovery never before achieved with a sluice box.
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Parts and components

Equipped with adjustable brackets, two 5 gallon buckets and a 12 volt 1100 GPH pump.

Operates for 8 hours on a typical automobile battery. Battery not included. Capacity 100 lbs. per hour
Net Weighs 25 lbs.
Device Specifications
This is a professional clean up tool, everything is constructed of quality parts and built to last. The first Hungarian riffle (Miracle Mat) molded into a rubber mat and built into a portable concentrator sluice measuring 44 inches long by 8 inches wide with built in header box, plumbed with an adjustable flow valve to meter water flow and separate spray nozzle for clean up.
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