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Teknetics G2
تكنتكس جى تو ,Teknetics G2
تكنتكس جى تو ,Teknetics G2
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Teknetics G2
Teknetics G2 metal detector 
- Easy to use device.
- Stylish and ergonomic design of the hand and wrist.
- Specialized to detect precious metals and raw gold mines.
- Gives information on the device explorer goal on a digital screen Digital.
- Appears on the screen 8 indicators of target finder.
- Determines the depth of the detected target.
- Handles smart technology to identify targets and depths.
- High sensitivity of the detected target.
- Cancel the various electromagnetic interference effects of the soil.
- Increase the signal strength of the device penetrates the soil and the greater the effects of different electromagnetic interference.
- Isolate the target in a smart way so that limits the target in place until the narrowest place accurately identifies.
- Battery operated for 40 hours straight and firmly fixed.
- All indicators and readings appear on the screen and in detail.
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Device Specifications
Is primarily based on many factors such as the quality of the soil and the various electromagnetic effects, but device is equipped with technology to deal intelligently with all the different influences to ensure access to the target signal.
Weight 1.6 kg device
Strength of the signal frequency 13 kHz.
Power device sensitivity of 5 × 10 9 Hz.
Delay factor 0.07 seconds.
LCD screen.
Runs on AA batteries 4.
Height: 53 inches / 5.44 inch.
US industry
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