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تيكنيتكس تى 2,TEKNETICS T2
تكنيتكس تى 2,TEKNETICS T2
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Offer you a TEKNETICS T2 treasure hunter of the best and the latest detection and the search for minerals and gold, cash and coins and gold hardware underground
This device works on the integrated electronic work sophisticated and modern systems research system and help the employer to determine the whereabouts and the presence of metals easily and accurately high
The device works on the electromagnetic wave system, soil balancing system Alotomatki to work in most areas and terrain
Parts and components
Battery Bag
Find the small disk
Find great tablet
Carrying Case
Home Charger
Car Charger
Catalog device
Training DVD
Available languages
Available in English
Device Specifications
Cancellation of external stimuli Altkhaddlat and soil system
Find the rapid detection system
Demonstration system directly on the screen and the sound of the type and depth of the target and its name
Easy Labour and Employment
Up to a depth of approximately 150 cm Depending on the size of the target.
US industry
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