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TRL WATERFINDER,تى اى ال ووتر فايندر
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 TRL WATERFINDER underground water detector
his device specialized for the detection of underground water and give the results on the screen directly.
Parts and components
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Equipped with the latest automatic global revealed Digital System
Measure water depth up to 150 meters underground
Covers the detection area (1500) square meters
Provider keys to adjust the automatic lights and instructions
Provider four Sensors ground planted in the ground to search
Provider four units wired to connect the power of the Earth
Provider strongly battery (12) volt rechargeable
Special charger 220 volt electric
Protective bag for the device and installed inside the machine to keep it
Argentine industry
Available languages
Available in English
Device Specifications
This device operates automatic electronic system is very sophisticated and unprecedented so that this device sends electrical currents and waves of lightning to the ground to find out Mabha of water. How do you planted four sensors located with the device planted in soil and reaching through a special device wires and operates the machine and machine starts scanning automatic between four poles and the automatic its accounts to give you the result of what has diameter enclosed within four poles and gives you a score for the things that are directly on the screen with a specialized system for measuring target accurately depth
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