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TW 8800
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TW 8800
Determines the pipes and cables site and identifies underground pipes, cables, manhole covers, and cupboards, funds and other metal objects
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Parts and components
Output frequency: 82 kHz, 8.2 kHz 0.820 Hz
Power output (nominal): 82 kHz: 0.7 watts, 8.2 kHz: 7.0 watts 0.820 Hz: 7.0 watts
Battery test: Yes
Battery life: 80 hours. In 82kHz
Battery Type: 2 - 6 volt lantern batteries
Weight: 7.8 lbs (3.5 kg)
Dimensions: 73/4 inches X 12 inches X 6 "(19.7 x 30.5 X 15.2 cm)
Optional accessories for TW-7700 and TW 8800
Headphones: Adjust the volume separately for each permit.
Coupling clamp: useful to keep track of the electric power line and in-service training when searching for metal to metal is possible
Wedge: Insert able Transmission
Device Specifications
Accuracy Depth: +1 inch per foot
Units read: inches or cm (factory preset)
Guidance Left / Right: Sound: constant buzz = Left, pulsed tone = Right. VCO (degrees) for easy directing through the target site.
Optical: Left / Right / Over Target
Signals Strength: digital readout (0-99%) and Blsm chart
Sensitivity settings: Automatic
Background: LCD
The test battery: automatic battery low in the state of preparedness to pay readings button
Battery life: 80 hours
Battery Type: 6 - "C" cells
Weight: 6 pounds (2.7 kg)
Operating Temperature: -4 to + 140F (-20 to + 60C)
Dimensions: 6 1/2 "X 11" X 32 1/2 "(16.5 X 27.9 X 82.6 cm)
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