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Whites TDI SL
جهاز تى دى اى كاشف الذهب الخام 2019
جهاز تى دى اى كاشف الذهب الخام 2019
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Whites TDI SL
Gold Master is offering its customers a new year for 2019 for all gold ore explorers, gold veins and nuggets in the desert or on beaches and parks, the device that completely isolates the iron (TDI) from the US factory (Whites), the oldest gold detector factories in the world.
After testing the device was put into the market at the beginning of the new year 2019 to be the latest in gold detectors and audio devices, the device (TDI) Pulse Induction system with high sensitivity to gold and gold and buried gold coins and old, comes with two tablets The search for a 14-inch and another 11-inch high-quality Coltec has a depth of up to two meters underground.
Available languages
Parts and components
_ Device Main Unit (Control Box)
_ Coiltek search disk 14 inches
_ Coiltek search disk 11 inches
_ headphones
_ Two batteries
_ user`s Guide
_ Two-year warranty certificate
Device Specifications
The TDI-SL features several unique features:
1_ A US industry from an ancient factory WHITES, where Whites is one of the first companies to manufacture gold detectors, where the first device was manufactured in the world in 1950.
2_ The TDI is lightweight, easy to use and very comfortable due to its versatility and ease of control.
3_ Contains an easy-to-use control panel and two searchers in a very accurate high sensitivity to raw gold and the most important advantages of iron insulation permanently according to your choice either a voice or not to give tone on the iron, whether new iron or rust.
4_ Can detect rough gold and small gold particles up to 1 g.
5_ TDI device works with the pulse induction system to get a deeper depth up to 2 meters underground.
6_ The ability of the TDI-SL to achieve the ground balance of the value of mineralization of the earth while maintaining the depth provided by the use of the process of induction
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