If you are hesitant about devices and do not have sufficient knowledge to choose the appropriate device for your goal, do not worry and leave it to us. We have a team of engineers specializing in training on devices and professionals in metal detecting system. our sales team will help you in choosing the right device for you based on the goal that You are looking for and the type of soil and the country where the device is used.

Because we are agents for major factories of metal detection and exploration devices, all of our brands are known and ascribed internationally, most of which are German-made and some are American, the devices stamped by the brand logo and serial number, you can check it through the factory by contacting them and inquiring the devices serial number.

Choose the right product for you

Browse our online store and choose what suits you from the devices based on the information provided on the page of each device, or visit our showrooms to see the latest modern and accurate technologies in the field of mineral exploration, and a specialized engineer will help you choose the appropriate device.

Checkout and payment

To complete the purchase and payment process, you can execute it electronically on our online store via Visa or Mastercard payment methods or by bank transfer to our company’s official account by sending a purchase invoice approved by the company with the device’s details, components and its serial number.

Shipping and receiving process

After completing the payment process, the shipping process will begin immediately, and the device will be delivered to you within 5 working days with the availability of tracking the shipment directly from your account on our website if you made the purchase online. But if you made the payment via a bank transfer, we will send you the tracking number.

Gold Master provides a five-year warranty on all products and during the warranty, we provide maintenance, training and professional consulting that help you in achieving your goals, our after-sales services are working 24/7 to support you.

Of course, yes, because credibility is our motto, so we will test the device in our showroom on different types of minerals and different dimensions. we designed a special laboratory for testing devices with concrete insulators to test the device on various types of soils in our showroom. As for if you buy the device from outside the countries and you do not have an opportunity to try it in our showroom, we will photograph the experiment from our showroom and send it to you via WhatsApp or you can make a video call to see the experience of the device yourself.

If you buy the device from our showroom we will allocate a complete training course that will make you use gold prospecting equipment like a pro. In case you are buying the device from outside the countries, we will send you detailed training video pictures from inside our showroom. In addition to training videos and the manual catalogues.

The best device system is determined according to the type of metal targeted and depth of it, meaning that if you are searching for archaeological treasures and confined to a specific place, you know it well, we will recommend the visual system because it is the most accurate one. Large front distances survey up to 2000 meters underground, and depth more than 60 meters underground.
If you are looking for raw gold at depths close to the surface of the earth, the electromagnetic sound system will be best for you. But if you want groundwater detection devices, the best ones are the devices that work in the sensor system, because they give you a great depth of up to 1200 meters under the ground, which is appropriate for the goal, where the groundwater is often at far depths.

There are a lot of successful gold detectors that have proven their efficiency in performance and detection of many valuable targets, but we will shed light on the latest of them, which is the German gold and metal detector Cobra GX8000. The device works with long range locator system, and this system is considered one of the best systems used in detecting metals. The device contains 4 research systems, which facilitates the search process for the user and obtains goals easily. The device is distinguished by its superb ability, which is the expansion of the research field up to 2000 meters in the frontal range, which helps to survey vast and open places, as well as difficult terrains such as mountains and valleys. The device also reaches a depth of 50 meters below the ground surface and this is the maximum depth that can be reached by Metal exploration devices. The device also contains 12 programs for the targets to be searched such as golden treasures, raw gold, veins of gold, silver, bronze, platinum, copper, iron, caves and voids, gems, diamonds and free frequency. For more information, visit the Cobra GX8000 device page.

After browsing our website and selecting the appropriate device for you, you will communicate with the sales team by email, calling or WhatsApp to determine the price and the approval of the device and determine the country to be shipped to. If we have a representative in this country, the sales team will send you the mobile number of our representative to complete the deal with him in your country and pay when receiving the device. And if we do not have a representative, we will send you a legal bill with the company’s data and the company’s commercial license number in Dubai, with the value of the device and its data and the bank’s company data to transfer the price of the device. And send a copy of the transfer receipt, and we will ship the device to you within a maximum period of 5 working days.

The company provides an approved invoice with all company details and trading license number in Dubai, Official bank account numbers held the company’s name, detailed bill of the device’s components and specifications. Warranty and Guarantee Certificate for the product and catalogues.