Cobra GX 8000 Gold Detector Training 

Cobra GX 8000 Gold Detector Training 

Cobra GX 8000 Gold Detector Training 

Based on your inquiries and some questions from your attendees about the best devices classified in the first place for 2020, Gold Master company offers you a Cobra GX8000 device to detect metals, caves and voids that works with a remote sensing system equipped with the latest technology issued by the German Geo Ground company in terms of efficiency and capabilities .

– And we will review with you the most important features and research systems contained in the Cobra GX8000

* The device works with a system of copper skewers, and this system is considered one of the best systems used to detect metals throughout the ages.

* The device contains 4 research systems, which facilitates the search process for the user and obtains goals easily.

* The device is distinguished by its superior capacity, which is the breadth of the research field up to 2000 meters in the frontal range, which helps to survey vast and open places, as well as difficult terrain such as mountains and valleys, and the device also reaches a depth of 50 meters below the ground level and this is the maximum depth that can be reached Metal exploration devices.

* The device also contains 12 programs for the targets to be searched like gold treasures, raw gold, veins of gold, silver, bronze, platinum, copper, iron, caves and voids, gems, diamonds, free frequency.

* Supports the free frequency feature, which is a technology of selecting a specific frequency that can be manually adjusted to suit the needs of the researcher

* The device contains a piece that is implanted in the ground, working to stimulate the targets in the research area to make it interact with the device and give the strongest signal rates

* The device contains the technology of isolation and not being affected by radioactive rocks such as basalt rocks or any other minerals not specified in the device that disturb the researcher like some other device

* The device can measure the depth of target with high accuracy

* The device is characterized by ease of use and it contains several different languages, including Arabic


Research systems available in the Cobra GX8000:

1- Long-Term Research Systems:

Long-range search systems enable you to choose from 12 different programs for minerals as we mentioned earlier, also this system contains two subsystems where the researcher can use one of two methods: the individual search system for one person, the two-person opposite system, and also in this system the researcher can set the device to A specific frequency through the free frequency option.

2- Ion system:

It is the system that the researcher uses to discover new areas, and this system generally searches for all the minerals buried in the ground and gives a loud sound and vibrations in the event of discovering any new targets. The ion system relies on detecting ionic currents active in the user’s vicinity for a distance of up to 80 meters


3- Ionic search system:

This system is based on the detection of ionic and magnetic fields resulting from the minerals buried in the vicinity of the user for distances of up to 120 meters

4- Bionic system:

This system depends on memorizing the frequencies or fields formed by the minerals under the ground and then began searching for them again, meaning if we came with a piece of gold and put it in front of the device and the frequency of the gold piece was saved, then we used the device again gives us the device a sound and a signal on the device screen where it is located Gold minerals found in the search area


Finally, and based on the device containing various and varied systems and the device reaching great depths, Gold Master recommends that you use the Cobra GX8000 in your exploratory trips, and we wish you well.


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