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Gold Detectors in Dubai

Gold Detectors in Dubai

Gold detectors in Dubai

The city of Dubai has emerged as a global city and business center in the Middle East. Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and is located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Gulf. The Emirate of Dubai is the most important of the seven emirates that make up the country thanks to its global economic and commercial status. Dubai is considered an important economic and commercial center in the Middle East and the world, as it is a destination for businessmen and celebrities from various countries of the world. This is thanks to the great facilities for investors and legislative laws that allow for profitable investments in various sectors such as real estate, tourism services, and international trade.


Is metal detecting legal in Dubai?

The laws of the Emirate of Dubai provide possibilities for investment in many fields, unlike many countries in the Middle East, which restrict work within certain fields, such as gold detectors and metal detectors. These devices are not prohibited in Dubai as in most Arab countries but can be purchased from Companies specializing in selling them in Dubai, as there are many companies specializing in selling gold detectors in Dubai.


Gold detector companies in Dubai are licensed and accredited companies that sell gold detectors and metal detectors without any restrictions or legal problems. Among the most prominent gold and metal detector companies in Dubai is Gold Master Company, which is an exclusive agent for major well-known foreign companies such as the Australian Minelab and Garrett. American Fisher, OKM Company, German Mega Detection Company, German Geo Ground, and other international companies.


These companies sell devices of various shapes and sizes and work with different search techniques, such as electromagnetic devices, photographic gold detectors, and long-range search devices…


A wide range of gold detectors is available at different prices commensurate with the technical features of the device, the technology used, the manufacturer…etc.


Types of gold detectors in Dubai

In the following paragraph, we will briefly review the classifications of gold detectors and metal detectors in Dubai. In general, metal detectors are classified according to a group of factors. Below is a review of the different classifications of gold and metal detectors according to the research system:


Acoustic gold detectors

Audio gold detectors use special search discs to search and discover buried metals, such as gold, underground. These devices are characterized by their ease of use, wide distribution, and low prices, which provide the best opportunity for novice searchers for gold, treasures, and ancient coins.


Examples of audio gold detectors:   Gold Stinger x5  and Impact Pro


Imaging gold detectors

Imaging gold detectors include a three-dimensional imaging scanning system of the ground using a special search sensor, and the scanning results are displayed in the form of colored graphics on a computer screen or tablet that is usually included with these devices. The advantage of these devices is their accuracy, high reliability, and the possibility of detecting to very great depths. It is recommended for professional excavators or every serious researcher for treasures and antiquities.


Examples of imaging gold detectors: Phoenix device – Gold Vision


Sensor gold detectors

These devices are characterized by a wide search range, as they are used to detect targets from a distance of up to 2000 meters. They are characterized by a large depth range compared to other types of gold detectors, which may reach up to 40 meters depending on the size of the targets.


What also distinguishes these devices is that the type of metal to be searched for underground can be selected in advance, such as gold, silver, and copper, and thus results are more accurate, as it is recommended to use them for every searcher for golden treasures and precious metals who wants to discover targets buried within wide areas and great depths.


Examples of sensing gold detectors: Gold Legend device – Concord device


Raw gold detectors

Raw gold detectors are considered a subcategory of acoustic gold detectors with modifications for detecting raw natural gold. These devices are characterized by ease of installation and ease of use, with relatively cheap prices.


Examples of raw gold detectors: Minelab Manticore – Gold Monster device


Prices of gold detectors in Dubai

The price factor plays an important role when the researcher and gold prospector chooses the device to purchase, emphasizing that the prices of the available devices vary based on multiple factors, including the search technology, the maximum search depth, and technical features such as the screen, the program, the manufacturer, and others.


We at Gold Master International Company offer in Dubai the best prices for gold, metal, and treasure detectors and groundwater detectors according to wide and varied options and at prices suitable for all amateur and professional researchers, with special offers and the possibility of free shipping and delivery.


You can know the prices of gold detectors in Dubai by visiting the following link: Gold detector prices. Dear customers can also know the prices of gold detectors by contacting us through the numbers on our website:

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