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Mega Scan Pro Treasure Detector Features

Mega Scan Pro Treasure Detector Features

Mega Scan Pro Treasure Detector Features

As Gold Master always promises you to provide advice on gold and mineral detection devices for prospectors and those looking for treasures, burials and archaeological tombs in the ground, today the Mega Scan Pro device provided by the German company Mega Locators works with the long-range sensor system, and before we talk about the advantages of the Mega device Resident Pro We want to explain to you the importance of the long-range sensing system for each researcher in general, whether the researcher owns another device that works with the sound or imaging system, whether the researcher wants to search for raw gold, archaeological burials, caves and voids.


The researcher must in all cases use the long-range sensor system to facilitate the search process and to save time and effort, because the sensor system is simply directing and moving you from where you are to the nearest point around you containing the metal that you have chosen on the device because the sensors search in a range of up to 3 km On some devices, this makes reaching goals easy and fast.

– We will review with you the features and research systems used for the Mega Scan Pro device, or as the German giant was called, according to the results of the device that it presented in all countries of the Middle East and Africa, and it is issued in the list of metal detectors for 2020.


Device features:

* The device contains 3 research systems, which facilitates the search process for the user and obtain the target easily

* The device is characterized by its superior ability, which is the breadth of the research field up to 2000 meters, the front range helps to scan the vast and open places as well as difficult terrain such as mountains and valleys, and the device also reaches a depth of 40 meters below the ground level

* The device also contains 10 programs for the goals to search for, such as golden treasures, gold nuggets, silver, bronze, platinum, copper, iron, caves and spaces, gemstones, diamonds

* The device contains isolation technology and is not affected by radioactive rocks or any other minerals not specified in the device that disturbs the researcher in like some other devices

* The device contains a unit to measure the depth of the target

* The device is easy to use and contains many different languages, including Arabic


Research systems of the device:

1- Long Range Sensing System:

It is the system through which the researcher chooses the type of metal that he wants to search for, and through this system you can specify the distances and depths that you want, as it is the system that performs a complete and automatic isolation of all metals, and also it is the system that directs the researcher to the whereabouts of targets and proximity Of them are scaled in a range not exceeding square meters.


2- Ion system:

It is the system that the researcher uses to discover new areas, and this system generally searches for all the minerals buried under the ground and gives a loud sound and jolts in the event that any new targets are discovered.

3- Magnetic system:

It is the last system that the researcher uses upon reaching the target to determine the target’s center point, and to know the most accurate point of the drilling process.


Finally, based on the results provided by the Mega Scan Pro device, it was classified by all international bodies for exploration as the best long-range sensor, because the device contains 3 research systems integrated into one device with 100% accuracy results without any error.


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