Gold Metal Detectors in Dubai , here are the latest gold metal detectors in Dubai from Gold Master Company . 100% original devices with a 5-year warranty, field experience before purchase, and professional training on how to use the device.

Gold detector and metal detector are vital tools for scouts and seekers of earthly wealth. These devices greatly facilitate search and discovery processes and increase the chances of finding valuable treasures. Thanks to continuous technological development, the effectiveness and accuracy of metal detectors is expected to increase in the future, making them indispensable tools in the field of exploration and scientific research.

Buy your metal detector in UAE now from Gold Master Company and start your journey of prospecting for gold and treasures with the latest metal and treasure detectors In Dubai.

Water Line
Price : $ 2,750

Systems: ,




1200 Meter

Made In



3 Years

Front Range

3000 Meters

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