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Gold detectors prices 2024 updates

Gold detectors prices 2024 updates

Gold detector is one of the electronic devices that rely on unique technologies to detect gold and metals underground. These devices vary in price depending on the specifications, technologies and brands of these products. If you want to know Gold detectors prices 2024 updates, you can continue reading this article to see all the details and choose the gold detector that is suitable for you. At Gold Master, you will find a gold detector with advanced and high technologies that suit your budget.

Gold detectors prices 2024 updates

Here is a list of prices for a group of gold detectors available on the Gold Master website. This list is as follows:

  •   Xterra Pro: $545.
  •   Gold Master 24k: $1,400.
  •    Mega Scan Pro: $6,750.
  •   Gold Legend: $3,500.
  •    Gold Vision: $5,450.
  •    Viber: $4,500.

Uses of gold detectors

Gold detectors are widely used to perform many diverse tasks such as:

  • Detecting natural gold, whether large pieces or small nuggets of gold that may be hidden within the soil.
  • Detecting gold coins, no matter how old they are or from previous civilizations, such as Roman coins, French coins, or ancient Egyptian coins.
  • Detecting jewelry such as bracelets and rings, whether they are under water or lost in the sand.
  • Exploring treasures and ancient antiquities made of gold or any other metal.
  • Searching for gold veins found in desert rocks and rocky soils.

Imaging gold detectors

Gold detectors prices 2024 updates

Imaging gold are widely used by gold and archaeological treasure prospectors and researchers in all countries of the world. These devices effectively help discover buried treasures underground at depths of up to 25 meters or more in many devices. These devices are characterized by being more accurate in displaying the results and data associated with the piece of metal accurately.

The search results are displayed on the device screen in the form of 3D graphics to know all the details about the discovered metal pieces. The device accurately displays the approximate depth of the gold piece so that the prospector can begin using drilling tools to extract the metal piece with ease. These devices are characterized by unparalleled accuracy for a wonderful experience in the field of detecting gold and treasures.

Sensor gold detectors

This type of gold detectors can be called long-range scanning devices because they are mainly used in open and wide spaces. It can detect in a wide range of soils and can reach long depths underground, especially to detect long-buried metals. These devices are capable of reaching depths of up to 40 meters underground or more.

Sensor gold detectors rely on sending a group of electromagnetic waves towards the soil. When these waves collide with a piece of metal, interference occurs in electromagnetic signals, and these signals are analyzed by a gold detector to accurately determine the target’s location and display it on the device’s screen.

Electromagnetic gold detectors

This type of gold detector is the most widely used and widespread in all countries of the world, because it is easy to use and has a low cost compared to other gold detectors. You can find a wide range of electromagnetic gold detectors that have unique features and characteristics at economical prices.

These devices rely on disk- or plate-shaped search coils through which electrical current passes to create an electromagnetic field that is transmitted to the Earth. When the electromagnetic field emanating from the search coil in the device collides with a metal object such as small pieces of gold. A reflection occurs in the electromagnetic field and is received by a receiving coil located in the gold.

The difference between the two fields is determined to know the type of metal and display complete data about it on the device screen. Search results can be converted into audio signals that we can hear through headphones.

Multi-system devices for detecting gold

Gold detectors prices 2024 updates

There is a group of gold that operate with multiple search systems capable of detecting a wide range of metals with high quality and technology. Multiple search systems allow prospectors a variety of detection methods to increase the accuracy of results, save time and effort, and have a unique experience of finding the metal piece in the shortest possible time.


How much is a gold detector?

Prices of gold vary according to many factors, most notably the manufacturer, country of manufacture, and the range of specifications found in the device. At Gold Master, you can view a long list of gold and metal detectors at varying prices that suit your budget, regardless of your experience in this field. If you are a beginner in the field of detecting gold and treasures, you can choose a gold at economical prices until you reach the professional stage. After that you can choose a high-quality gold detector at high prices.

What is the very best gold detector?

There are many gold detectors, and each device has its own specifications that distinguish it from the rest of the devices, but the Gold Vision device is characterized as a breakthrough in the field of gold detection. This device comes with modern and advanced technologies and has many easy-to-use features to detect all kinds of underground treasures, metals and gold. This device comes with six search systems that work according to multiple detection techniques to provide a comprehensive and accurate search to discover targets buried underground.

How far can a gold detector detect gold?

Gold detectors differ from each other in the depth they can reach while metal detecting. Many devices are designed to be able to reach the deepest long underground reaches of up to 40 meters. There are also other devices capable of reaching a depth of up to 60 meters underground.

Can airport scanners detect the gold?

The detectors in airports are capable of detecting gold because it is a metal that can be easily detected. It is impossible to be able to hide anything made of metal or gold because the detector in airports can find anything metallic easily.

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