Gold Detector

Gold metal detectors in Yemen

Gold metal detectors in Yemen

When it comes to detecting gold in Yemen, you will need a gold detector suitable for all underground targets including archaeological treasures, raw gold and precious stones. With Gold Master, you will find the latest gold metal detectors in Yemen, through which you can enjoy an exciting and unique experience, especially since these devices offer wonderful technologies and systems for finding gold and excluding other metals.

Gold metal detectors in Yemen

Gold Vision

Gold metal detectors in Yemen

The Gold Vision device for detecting gold and metals provided by the German company GeoGround, with modern and advanced technologies and easy-to-use features. You can use this unique device to detect all kinds of metals and archaeological treasures buried in the ground to reach the maximum possible depth and discover new adventures.


  • The device is equipped with a 72 MHz central processing unit.
  • The device’s memory is SD type, with a capacity of 2 GB.
  • The device’s TFT LCD HMI screen is 3.5 inches, has a resolution of 380 x 480 megapixels, and is backlit.
  • The device comes with a 5mm LED flash, a 5mW laser, and supports vibration.
  • The operating temperature of the device ranges from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The device is equipped with a 2.5 amp and 5 volt charger.
  • The weight of the device is 3200 g and its dimensions are 300 x 160 x 400 mm.
  • The device is equipped with a 3-watt internal speaker, supports the installation of a headphone and an external speaker, and has a 3.5 mm jack.


  • The device has advanced technologies and many new features, the most important of which is the new 3D ground scanning system that creates a detailed map of the surveyed land.
  • The device is characterized by its relatively light weight and ease of carrying and installation. This makes it very suitable for use in different places, especially in the mountainous terrain in Yemen.
  • The user interface of the device is easy and contains many customizable options and features, and this makes the device the ideal choice for many researchers and prospectors of gold and minerals.
  • The device contains 6 search systems with different technologies to provide a more comprehensive search and discover more underground metal and gold targets. The device can estimate the depth of gold and determine its exact location underground.
  • The device’s software is multilingual, easy to use, and the graphical user interface is attractive. The user interface is modernly designed and has a unique color scheme based on a single menu with different tabs for icons and settings.

Gold Legend

Gold metal detectors in Yemen

The Gold Legend device is a device used to detect gold and metals through advanced search systems. The device displays the detection results in a simplified way to users through the device’s color screen. This device is recommended for prospectors and professionals because of its very reasonable price compared to the capabilities and specifications it offers. This device is considered one of the best gold metal detectors in Yemen.


  • The weight of the device reaches 3200 grams, with dimensions of 160 x 400 x 300 millimeters.
  • The device operates within an operating temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The device’s battery is made of nine 9600 mAh lithium-ion batteries and cannot be removed. It has a 3.5 amp and 5 volt input.
  • The device’s 3.5-inch screen with distinct colors gives easy and simple results for prospectors.
  • The device is equipped with a 2MB SD memory.
  • The device’s central processing unit has a frequency of 72 MHz.


  • The device has five diverse and integrated search systems to provide the best search experience for gold and minerals in Yemen.
  • The device has a superior ability to locate underground metal targets and accurately estimate depth.
  • The device is used to detect gold as well as coins made of other metals such as silver, copper, platinum, iron, and bronze.
  • The price of the device is very economical compared to the capabilities and specifications it offers, and it is considered one of the best devices for those searching for treasures and gold in Yemen.
  • The device package comes with main electronic unit, smart sensor, RF antennas, wireless handle unit, charger, user manual, as well as a warranty card.
  • The device is multilingual to ensure access to the largest segment of users around the world.
  • The user interface is easy and attractive, through which you can control frequency, ground balance, sensitivity, as well as change the language.
  • The device can reach metal targets to a depth of more than 30 m underground.
  • The device software is designed with a graphical user interface with a contemporary and modern design, supports a single menu system and has different tabs for choosing the device’s settings.

How metal detectors detect gold?

Metal detectors rely on a well-known physical principle called electromagnetic induction. An electric current passes through the search coil in the device, generating electromagnetic waves that are directed toward the Earth. When there is any metal piece made of gold, interference in electromagnetic signals occurs, and they are received through the receiving coil in the device.

Metal detectors can often detect quite a few different types of metal. Through the device settings, you can exclude a certain number and focus only on gold. Some detectors are specifically made for gold only and work to exclude other metals from the scope of the search, and this is very appropriate in soils rich in various minerals.

Which detector is best for gold in Yemen?

You can choose many gold metal detectors in Yemen through Gold Master, the leading company in the field of metal detection. The Gold Legend device is considered one of the most important of these devices, especially since it is designed with a modern program that uses an attractive graphical interface to make it easier for prospectors to choose settings.

 How can I find gold in Yemen?

First, you must determine the appropriate place to detect gold. After that, turn on the device and pass the search coil on the ground. When there is any gold in this place, you will hear audio signals in the device’s wireless speaker. Use digging tools to extract the gold piece and place it in a suitable bag to preserve it.

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