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Gold Metal detectors in Jordan

Gold Metal detectors in Jordan

If you want to try gold prospecting in Jordan, you will need to invest in a device specifically designed to exclude other metals and detect only gold nuggets. Gold Master offers you a range of gold metal detectors in Jordan suitable for all categories of gold prospectors with excellent and wonderful technologies.

Gold detectors

Gold detectors have become very popular among amateur prospectors as well as treasure hunters for many different purposes. Gold detectors are the same as metal detectors, but there are some minor differences that set them apart.

Both gold detectors and metal detectors work with the same technology, which is to send an electromagnetic field to the ground. When metal is present, interference occurs in the magnetic field and this appears in the form of an audible sound signal.

What distinguishes gold detectors is their ability to exclude other metals and focus only on detecting underground gold nuggets and jewelry. The reason for this is the sensitivity and search frequency that distinguishes this device from other metal detectors.

 Types of gold detectors

Gold detectors can be divided into these types:

Long range gold detectors

It relies heavily on sending electromagnetic signals through the search coil in the device. These devices can find gold at long depths underground. Its most important feature is its ability to filter search results and exclude other metals except gold.

 3D gold detectors

  After these devices succeed in discovering underground gold, they display it on the device screen in the form of 3D graphics. These drawings show the structure of the Earth, the exact location where it is located, as well as the depth. It is characterized by high accuracy and the ability to achieve amazing results in the fastest possible time.

 Multi-system gold detectors

  These devices rely on more than one search system to operate, and the most common of these systems is the manual sensing system and the automatic sensing system. These search systems enable the gold prospector to obtain targets with greater accuracy, as they cover a wide area of search.

Gold Metal detectors in Jordan

Gold Legend

Gold Metal detectors in Jordan

Gold Legend

The Gold Legend device is one of the most important gold metal detectors in Jordan, and it is recommended by beginners and professional prospectors. This device has great value and fantastic features for an unprecedented economic price. You can rely on this device if you are a fan of prospecting for gold and finding treasures buried underground.

Device features

  • This device comes with five diverse and integrated search systems that enable the user to easily discover targets buried underground and know their exact depth.
  • The device can reach a depth of 40 meters underground, and you can adjust this through the device screen.
  • The device supports many languages Spanish, English, French, Italian, Arabic, and Persian. You can use the device anywhere around the world because it covers a wide range of languages.
  • The weight of the device is 3200 g, which is considered relatively light. This makes it easy for you to move it to different areas without feeling any difficulties.
  • The device’s battery is made of lithium-ion with a capacity of 9600 mAh and supports external charging. You can use the device for a long time without fear of the battery running out of charge.

Gold Vision

Gold Metal detectors in Jordan

Gold Vision

A Gold Vision device equipped with modern and advanced technologies to easily explore for archaeological treasures and gold. The device is designed by Geoground, a leading manufacturer of metal detectors. This device has the ability to reach the maximum possible depth underground and discover new adventures and more mysterious archaeological treasures underground.

Device features

  • The device comes with 6 advanced search systems to help prospectors achieve accurate results and discover treasures buried underground.
  • It supports the most important languages in the world to reach the largest segment of gold and treasure seekers. The most important of these languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, and Persian.
  • The graphical user interface is modern in design and relies on a single menu in addition to different directional signs. This makes it easier for prospectors to choose settings easily.
  • The weight of the device is 3200 grams, which makes moving it from one place to another very easy.
  • The device’s battery has a capacity of 9600 mAh and is made of lithium ion.

Gold detectors price and Jordan

The prices of gold metal detectors in Jordan vary from one company to another and from one device to another. You can find many gold detectors that suit your budget, by contacting Gold Master, the leading company in the field of gold and metal detectors.

For beginners in this field, it is best for them to get a gold detector at an economical price until they reach the professional stage. After that, they can change the device and get a device with higher technologies and capabilities at a slightly higher price to have a wonderful experience in detecting treasures and gold.


Is gold detected by a metal detector?

All metal detectors have the ability to detect underground gold, but some interference may occur in soil rich in other metals. This problem has been solved by producing detectors dedicated only to gold and capable of excluding other metals to obtain more accurate and comprehensive results.

How gold detector machine works?

The gold detector is based on a basic physical principle, which is electromagnetic induction. The device sends a group of electromagnetic waves towards the ground, and when they pass over a piece of metal, some lines are scattered and reflected, and this is what is converted into audio signals in the device that can be heard through earphones or seen digital results and graphics on the device’s screen.

What is the best metal detector for finding gold?

  There are many gold detectors that you can rely on to have a wonderful experience in detecting treasures and finding the gold piece. All of these devices have great ability to find gold and determine depth. One of the most important of these devices is the Gold Legend device, which is designed with the latest technologies suitable for professionals and amateurs alike.

Is metal detector allowed in Jordan?

Please note that detecting gold in Jordan requires obtaining permission from the competent authorities, especially if the search site is one of the historical archaeological sites, in public places, or in government gold mines.

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